20 Jul 2016

2016-2017 season : our cultural events [in English]

The season of cultural events curated by mk2 brings to the public challenging events encouraging debate and creative discovery. Breaking the walls between the arts, created with quality collaborators and contributors, this programm proposes 5 major themes.
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From short films to documentary, from retrospectives to experimental cinema, discover a season of lectures and exclusive screenings to take a fresh look at creation.
Along with: Le Fresnoy – National studio of contemporary arts, the magazine Bref, the association «Documentaires sur Grand écran»…
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Conferences-spectacle, cine-conferences and a season of lectures bring a new perspective on what’s happening, on your everyday life, on your future, on your environment… And give you the tools to understand today’s issues.
Along with : The School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS), the physicist Christophe Galfard, the magazine Usbek & Rica, the philosopher Charles Pépin…
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In partnership with Des Mots et Des Arts, mk2 launches the second season of art conferences, from history of art lectures (Antiquity-1945) to the world trip of museums.
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Screenings, lectures, ciné-jam… From musical and poetic encounters on Charles Chaplin’s movies to the historu of opera, there is no age to discover music a different way.
Along with: Edgar Sekloka, Des Mots et Des Arts…
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Upon photo workshop and cine-conferences, mk2 welcomes photographers and youtubers to interactive and innovative events.
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