16 May 2017

mk2 embarks on the international distribution of virtual reality content

mk2 films becomes mk2 films&VR and embarks on the international distribution of virtual reality content
After the successful launch of mk2 VR, the first permanent venue entirely dedicated to virtual reality in Europe, which has hosted over 15 000 visitors since its inauguration in Paris on 9 December 2016, mk2 is now providing its expertise for the distribution and production of virtual reality content and presenting a new catalogue of around a dozen singular works, from short films to documentaries and video games.



Within its mk2 films department, which distributes a richly diverse catalogue of over 600 films worldwide (Charles Chaplin, François Truffaut, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Abbas Kiarostami, David Lynch, Gus Van Sant, Xavier Dolan, Jia Zhang-Ke, and more), mk2 is launching a VR section, with the aim of distributing virtual reality works across the globe.

“Faithful to our values, we defend an eclectic line-up of virtual reality works of the highest calibre. Virtual reality is a new language, which has clearly been successfully received among spectators and we would like to offer variations on our experience of virtual reality across all mk2 professions: coproduction, acquisition, and distribution of content, but also theatrical development and distribution of the technology, such as the flight simulator, Birdly®, for which we are the sole distributor in France. mk2 is an avant-garde company, which became a key reference in the field of virtual reality within the space of several months. The opening of mk2 VR and the launch of our international sales department for VR content constitute the cornerstones of our expansion into this new mode of creativity and broadcast: many innovative projects by mk2 will emerge in 2017,”  declares Elisha Karmitz, Managing Director of mk2.



The international distribution activity of mk2 VR enables the works to be used worldwide, by festivals, virtual reality venues, museums, but also platforms featuring online content.

mk2 promotes and supports unique and artistic French-speaking creation and its talents, in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Quebec. The catalogue thus follows suit, presenting works of creation that have already garnered success at international festivals, such as I, Philip by Pierre Zandrowic, or Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness by Arnaud Colinart, Amaury La Burthe, Peter Middleton & James Spinney.

mk2’s editorial line supports artists and works that revolutionise aesthetic codes and composition, such as Superhot, one of the earliest masterpieces among independent VR games. In light of this ambition, mk2 is very proud to initiate its collaboration with one of the best virtual reality studios in the world, the Quebec-based studio Félix&Paul, within the framework of the international distribution of the first narrative work shot in 360° and lasting over 40 minutes, which was a major revelation at the 2017 Sundance Festival: Miyubi.

The mk2 line-up also focuses on promoting new releases, in association with the young contemporary artist Momoko Seto, whose experimental film PLANET is presented this year in Cannes and distributed exclusively by mk2, and the documentary Dolphin Man 360° by Benoît Lichté, a series of three films about divers William Trubridge, world record holder in freediving, and Sara Campbell.




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