From the cinema to the cinemagoer, mk2’s work as a publisher is to pass on our cinematographic heritage and give everyone the tools that they need to understand and appropriate films. In its DVD collection and free monthly magazine, mk2 éditions puts films into perspective and explores the wider context to enrich the viewer’s experience.


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mk2 is raising awareness of our cinematographic heritage, which is similar to what a publishing company does with books. mk2 éditions is striving to form a library with the aim of preserving and passing on films. The work on DVDs seeks to situate every film in the history of cinema, either by compiling existing materials or producing new ones. With directors offering insights into their films and producing supplements that present their views on cinema, mk2 makes the content the primary focus of its DVDs.


TROISCOULEURS is a free monthly magazine founded in 2002, of which 120,000 copies are distributed in Paris, mk2 cinemas and numerous cultural and entertainment venues (museums, theatres, cafés and restaurants, etc.). Published by mk2, it is a cultural magazine accessible to all audiences and the leader of the parisian free press. Its 28×17 centimeters format makes it easily identifiable and perfect for reading in a cinema or carrying it everywhere.

TROIS COULEURS’ displays a challenging editorial policy and puts down roots in a cultural, creative and socially-comitted landscape. Its name refers to Krzysztof Kieślowski’s trilogy Three Colours and its visual identity has been redesigned in 2016 by the creative pair KELH x Julien Pham with the aim of offering a lively colourful reading experience.

The magazine structures itself in five parts : “Popcorn – Snacking on cinema infos” (very serious topical issues with an off-the-wall tone), “Zoom Zoom – Focusing on the films of the month”, “Bobines – off the reel” (portraits, interviews, reports, portfolios), “Off – this isn’t about cinema” (the cultural must-sees) and “Coul’kids – TROISCOULEURS for budding cinemagoers”.
Thanks to the work of an independant editorial board, TROICOULEURS broadens its readers’ point of view and allows mk2 to forge links before and after screening with its cinemagoers.