Hommage to Marin Karmitz in Cannes

On the occasion of the Dinner for Professionals of the world film industry organized by the Festival de Cannes on Friday, May 11th, a tribute will be paid to Marin Karmitz for all his work in favor of auteur cinema.

Marin Karmitz and Caroline Broué’s book “Comédies” available in booshops (in French)

After Bande à Part (Grasset, 1995) and Profession Producteur (Hachette Littérature, 2003), a new book by Marin Karmitz, producer, distributor, cinema operator and founder of mk2, is available in bookshops since November 7th. Co-written with the French journalist Caroline Broué and published by Fayard, this book is entitled Comédies and recounts the unique path of an engaged man, witness and actor of the French political and cultural journey.

2016-2017 program : 5 new seasons of lectures (in English)

Following on the success of their collaboration on last year’s history of art lecutres, mk2 and Des Mots et Des Arts explore new fields of knowledge for the 2016-2017 season. From september 2016 to June 2017, besides history of art, discover the history of cinema, the history of opera and the history of Paris in the mk2 cinemas in France.

A new digital ecosystem for the professionals (in English)

After releasing the new institutional website mk2pro, mk2 unveils mk2films.com and mk2agency.com. Through a new design and a simplified interface, these platforms dedicated to BtoB activities will facilitate the discovery of mk2 agency’s and mk2 films’ savoir-faire, offers and latest news.

Go exploring the universe with mk2 and Christophe Galfard (in French)

From September 2016 to June 2017, physicist and writer Christophe Galfard will give monthly pedagogical lectures unraveling the mysteries of our universe : from the Big Bang to black holes and the existence of aliens. A former student of famous Stephen Hawking, Christophe Galfard tries to make the world and its origins more accessible to the public.